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Fe Bethel Rock Schoolhouse
Bo Boscobel
Gm Call Gays Mills Village Office 608 735 4341
Fe Castle Rock Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
So Cemetery of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
So Forest Hill Cemetery
Blt Grant County
Ca Grant County townships
Fe Hickory Grove Norwegian Evangelical Cemetery
La Index. Contact Grant County Genelogy Society
Ar Listing of gravestones w/ dates (Includes Civil War era)
Da Local index of records; tombstone inscriptions
Ca Locations in Wisconsin
Fe McGhan Cemetery
So Montgomeryville Cemetery
So Mook Cemetery
So Northern Crawford County (as of 1985)
Fe Prairie Cemetery, Fennimore
Bo Rubbings from Scott, Marietta, Haney Twps.
So St. Phillips Catholic Cemetery
Fe Switzer Cemetery
So Towerville Cemetery
Ba West Blue Mounds
So Yankeetown Cemetery
Ca Grant County 1850
Ca Grant County 1860
Blt, Ca, Fe, Mu Grant County 1870
Ca Grant County 1880
Ca Grant County 1900
Da Indiana-Brown and Davies Counties 1860
Da Indiana-Clark, Dearborn [Deerborn], Floyd, Franklin, Gibson, Jackson, Jefferson, Pike, Posey, Randolph Counties 1820
Da Indiana-Orange and Owen Counties 1870
Da Indiana-Orange County 1860
Da Iowa County 1830
Da Iowa County 1836
Da Iowa County 1840
Da Iowa County 1842
Da Iowa County 1846
Da LaCrosse County, WI 1860
Da Lafayette County 1847
Da Lafayette County 1850
Da Lafayette County 1855
Da Lafayette County 1860
Da Lafayette County 1870
Da Lafayette County 1880
Da Lafayette County 1900
Da Lafayette County 1910
Da Lafayette County 1920
Da Pennsylvania-Luzern County 1850
Da Pennsylvania-Northampton County 1850
Da Pennsylvania-Wyoming County 1850
Rc Richland County History Room Call: 608 647 6033
Fe Wisconsin 1850
Bln Blanchardville 1990
Blt Glen Haven 1864-1964
Blt Grant County 1977
La Grant County Sesquicentennial Edition 1836-1986
Ba Hollandale 1887-1987
Bln Hollandale 1887-1987
Fe Lafayette County 1776-1976
Da Lafayette County 1976
So Soldier's Grove
Lr Some church centennial books
Bo St. John The Baptist Church, Muscoda, 1884-1984
Blt St. Mary's Catholic Church, Bloomington 1899-1999
Blt St. Mary's Catholic Church, Glen Haven 1864-1964
Blt Bloomington United Methodist
Lr Church centennial books
Bln Church history pamphlets
Bo St. John The Baptist, Muscoda
Blt St. John's Catholic, Patch Grove
Blt St. Mary's Catholic, Bloomington 1899-1999
Blt St. Mary's Catholic, Glen Haven 1864-1964
Da Lafayette County, Pre-1900 Birth, Death, Marriage
So Searchable Independent/Scout, 1930's-2003
Da Books on genealogical research
Da Genealogical Inquiries re: Lafayette County
Mi Mineral Point Local History Room [See Brochure]
Pr Prairie du Chien Wisconsin Room
Rc Richland County History Room
Da Set of Biography and Genealogy
So Tracing Your Norwegian Roots
Lr Arena, 1870-1970
Ar, Da Argyle
Bln Argyle 1844-1990
Lr Avoca, 1870-1970
Blt Bagley
Ba, Bln Barneveld
Ba Barneveld Tornado, 1984
Blt Beetown 1827-1977
Da Benton
Fe Bethel Rock Schoolhouse Cemetery
Blt Blakes Prairie
Bln Blanchardville
Blt Bloomington Township
La Bohemia
Ba, Bln Brigham Township
Blt, Ca, Cassville
Ca Cassville Ferry
Fe Castle Rock Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
Co Cobb
Fe, Lr, So Crawford & Richland Counties 1884
Mu Crawford County 1881
So Crawford County Post Offices
Da Darlington
Ca Denniston House
Ca Dubuque
Fe, La Farview, WI [See: Surname Index: Wagner]
Blt, Bo Fennimore
Ba Gillett 1856-1976
Ca, La, Li Grant County
Blt, Bo, La Grant County 1881 (Butterfield)
Bo, Da, Fe, Mu Grant County 1900 (Holford)
Blt, Fe Grant County Emergency Services
La Grant County Sesquicentennial Edition 1836-1986
Blt Grant County-Villages-Towns, Early History
Ca, La Green County
Bln, Da Green County 1884
Fe Hickory Grove Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
Ca, La Iowa County
Ba, Bln, Da, Mu Iowa County 1881
Fe Iowa County, Names
Da Jo Davies County 1878
So Kickapoo River. See Videos
So Kickapoo Valley
Ar, Ca, La Lafayette County
Bln Lafayette County 1881
Fe Lafayette County 1981
Da Lafayette County Extension Homemakers
Da Lafayette County Historical Society
Li Livingston, 1980
Lr Lone Rock
Fe McGhan Cemetery
Blt Millville 1838-1976
Ca Mississippi River
Bln Moscow Township
Blt Mt. Hope
Da New Diggings
Ca New Diggings 1824-1860
Ba New Glarus
Da, Mu Old Crawford County 1932
So Old Crawford County, Volumes 1-4
Blt Patch Grove
Bln Pecatonica
Ba Perry Norwegian Settlement
Fe Prairie Cemetery, Fennimore
Blt Prairie du Chien (Scanlan)
Ba Primrose Township
Blt Red School[house] 1844-1945
Li Rewey, 1980
Lr Richland County
Mu Richland County 1881
Ca,La Rock County
Lr Sauk City
Da Shullsburg
Bln Shullsburg 1827-1977
So Solar Village
So Soldier's Grove
Ar, Da South Wayne
Da, Mu Southwestern Wisconsin, 1932
Da Stephenson County 1880
Fe Switzer Cemetery
Mu Town studies, 1924
Ca Twin-O-Rama
Ba, Bln Weekaukaja
Ar Wiota
Ca Wisconsin Barge Line
Lr Wisconsin River
HISTORY ROOMS (see note on Table of Contents page)
La Cemeteries. [Contact Grant County Genealogy Society]
La Grant County Genealogical Society [GCGS] publications
Ca Grant County Herald 1843-1879
Ca Grant County Surnames
Da Immigration & Passenger Lists
Fe Index to History of Crawford & Richland Counties
Da International Geological Index [Microfiche, LDS, 1988]
Fe Iowa County Names, 1981
Da Local Cemeteries
Mu Muscoda newspapers, 1874-1995
Da LNM: Lafayette Newspapers on Microfilm. See Newspapers
Da Darlington
Da Local Cemeteries
Li Linden
Li Mifflin
Li Mineral Point
Da Southwest Wisconsin
Rc Arrowheads
Co Cobb History file
Da Darlington History file
Rc Decorated eggs
Da Lafayette Co. (Parson Circus, etc.)
Mu Muscoda history-pamphlets
Lr Old Lone Rock High School awards
Rc Political buttons
Rc Postcards
Da Argyle Agenda 1991-1999 (LNM)
Da Argyle Atlas 12/16/1884-5/2/1969 (LNM)
Ar Argyle papers bound 1885-2003
Da Belmont Bee 3/1/1894-8/22/1901 [missing: 1895-1897] (LNM)
Da Belmont Gazette 10/25/1836-4/12/1837 (LNM)
Da Belmont Success 6/18/1903-1923; 10/14/1943-1961 (LNM)
Da Benton Advocate 9/12/1901-3/27/1929 (LNM)
Da Benton Mining Times 12/6/1894-12/28/1900 (LNM)
Bln Blade Atlas 1984-2000
Da Blanchardville Blade 1/10/1896-4/1969 (LNM)
Da Blanchardville Blade/Atlas 5/1969-12/1995 (LNM)
Blt Bloomington High School newspaper 1968-1995 (incomplete)
Blt Bloomington Record 1947-2/8/1973
Blt Bloomington Record 7/29/1880 - 1960 (incomplete)
Bo Boscobel Broad-Axe 6/25/1863 - 5/31/1866
Bo Boscobel Dial 12/26/1873 - present
Bo Boscobel Weekly Democrat 1/28/1860
Ca Cassville American 1943-1973 (incomplete)
Rc Cazenovia Leader 11/3/1938 - 12/5/1940
Rc Cazenovia Reporter 3/3/1911 - 1/7/1937
So Crawford County Independent 1970-present
Da Cuba City News Herald 9/21/1894-10/6/1899; 1/19, 2/9, 9/21/1900; 1/2/1914-12/31/1953 (LNM)
Da Cuba City Tri-County Press 1958-6/26/1974 (LNM)
Da Darlington Democrat 10/18/1883-1946 (LNM)
Da Darlington Lafayette County News 1947-3/27/1975 (LNM)
Da Darlington Republican Journal 2/4/1871-12/31/1998 (LNM)
Da Democrat 4/11-12/10/1845 (LNM)
Da Democrat & Register 11/12/1885-6/28/1894 (LNM)
Da Democrat Tribune* 9/1866-5/29/1919 [ *Shares run w/ National Democrat & Iowa County Democrat] (LNM)
Fe Fennimore Times 1889-present
Da Free Press 9/22/1881; 3/3/1882-4/11/1884 (LNM)
So Genealogical Gleanings from Local Newspapers for Residents in and Near Crawford County, Wisconsin, 1879-1902 (incomplete)
La Grant County Herald 1843-1963
Ca Grant County Heritage newsletter. Contact Grant County Genealogical Society
La Grant County Sesquicentennial Edition 1836-1986
La Herald Independent 1990-1998
Lr Home News 1984-current (incomplete)
Rc Independent 8/13/1872 - 12/13/1872
Da Iowa County Democrat* 9/1866-5/29/1919 [*Shares run w/ National Democrat & Democrat Tribune] (LNM)
So Kickappo Scout 1970-1976
Da Lafayette County Democrat 11/1/1865-10/13/1882 (LNM)
Da Lafayette County Genealogical Society newsletter. Contact the Lafayette County Historical Society
Da Lafayette County Herald 11/29/1855; 4/10-1856-12/25/1857 (LNM)
Da Lafayette County Historical Society newsletter. Contact the LCHS.
Rc Live Republican 12/13/1866 - 8/8/1867
Rc Lone Rock Journal 10/29/1931 - 8/2/1956 (microfilm)
Rc Lone Rock Republican 5/15/1886 - 5/ 28/1887 (microfilm)
Rc Lone Rock Star March 6 & April 7, 1885 (microfilm)
Da National Democrat* 9/1866-5/29/1919 [*Shares run w/ Democrat Tribune & Iowa County Democrat] (LNM)
Da Miscellaneous Wisconsin (LNM)
Rc Observer 7/19 & 26/1877 & 7/2/1879 - 12/1880
Lr Old Lone Rock Journal 1931-1956
Bln Pecatonica Valley Leader 2001-present
Da Pick & Gad 4/17/1884-9/30/1965 (LNM)
Da Poultry Chum & Rep. Farmer 9/1/1901-10/30/1912 (LNM)
Rc Republican Observer 8/15/67 - 3/29/1962, 3/4/1962-4/1980 [aka Richland County Observer & Richland County Republican]
Rc Richland County Observer 11/20/1855 - 2/22/1866 (microfilm) [aka Republican Observer & Richland County Republican]
Rc Richland County Recorder 4/27/1871- ?
Rc Richland County Republican No runs listed under this title. See: Richland County Observer & Republican Observer]
Rc Richland Democrat 10/15/1880 - 4/22/1881, 9/9/1925 - 3/29/1962
Rc Richland Farmer 5/6/1881 - 6/3/1881
Rc Richland Rustic 6/10/1881 - 2/3/1883, 1/1899 - 5/31/1912
Rc Richland Zouave 9/14/1861 - 9/1862
So Sesquicentennial 1969
Da Southwestern Local 1859-11/28/1902 (LNM)
La Teller 1883-1923
Da The Homestead 2/16/1905-1956 (LNM)
Da The Telegraph 3/3/-11/17/1849 (LNM)
Rc Viola Intelligencer 10/30/1891 - 10/25/1911 (microfilm)
Rc Viola News 11/2/1911 - 12/1979 (microfilm)
Blt Bagley
Ba Barneveld Tornado 1984
Bln Blanchardville, local businesses, Main Street
Blt Civil War
Ca Civil War
Blt Glen Haven
Blt Historic Bloomington, Bob Patterson
Ca Historic Cassville, Local People dates
So Historic Soldier's Grove
Lr Miscellaneous photos
Blt North Andover
So Crawford County (current)
So Crawford County 1901-02
Blt, So Crawford County 1914
La Crawford County 1924?
Gm Crawford County 1981
Gm Crawford County 1989
Gm Crawford County 1994
Gm Crawford County 2001
Fe Crawford County Land & Atlas Plat 1981
Fe Crawford County Land & Atlas Plat 1988
La Dane County Plat 1924?
Blt Grant County 1877
Fe, La Grant County 1895
Ca, Mu Grant County 1918
La Grant County 1928
La Grant County 1931?
La Grant County 1990 plus Pictorial Section [Contains: maps, township plats, rural directory, pictures, historical articles]
Li Grant County 1997
Ca Grant County 2001
Fe Grant County Atlas & Plat 1973
Fe, La Grant County Atlas & Plat 1979
Fe, La Grant County Atlas & Plat 1982
La Grant County Atlas & Plat 1985
Fe, La Grant County Atlas & Plat 1988
La Grant County Atlas & Plat 1994
La Grant County Atlas & Plat 2001
La Grant County Atlas 1877
Ca Grant County Atlas 1895
La Grant County Atlas 1966
Ca Grant County Atlas 1990
Fe Grant County Farm & Home Plat & Directory (no date)
Fe Grant County Official Farm Plat & Directory (no date)
Fe Grant County Official Farm Plat & Directory, 197?
Fe, La Grant County Ownership Atlas 1976
La Grant County Standard Atlas 1918
La Grant County Triennial Atlas & Plat 1970
La Grant County, New Map of Old...[photocopies] 1868
La Iowa County 1924?
Ba Iowa County 1985
Ba Iowa County 1990
Ba Iowa County 1996
Ba Iowa County 2002
Fe Iowa County Atlas & Plat 1982
Ar, Bln Lafayette County 1874
Da Lafayette County 1874
Da,Ar, Bln Lafayette County 1895
Ar, Da Lafayette County 1916
Bln Lafayette County 1916
Da Lafayette County 1924? (microfilm)
Da Lafayette County 1958
Da Lafayette County 1959
Da Lafayette County 1961
Da Lafayette County 1972
Da Lafayette County 1973
Da Lafayette County 1976
Da Lafayette County 1979
Da Lafayette County 1982
Da Lafayette County 1987
Da Lafayette County 1990
Da Lafayette County 1992
Da Lafayette County 1998
Mu Richland County 1874
Mu Richland County 1919
La Richland County 1924?
Lr Richland County 1951
Rc Richland County History Room Call: 608 647 6033
La Winnebago, IL 1924?
La Wisconsin State Atlas 1982
So Post Offices, Crawford County
Da Lafayette County Probate Index 1997
RECORDS (Birth, Death, Marriage, Obituaries, Cemeteries, Passenger Lists, etc.)
Ca, La Biographical-Grant County 1901
Ca, La Biographical-Green County 1901
Ca, La Biographical-Iowa County 1901
Ca, La Biographical-Lafayette County 1901
Ca, La Biographical-Rock County 1901
Fe Birth, Death, Marriage: Crawford, Vernon, Richland Counties 1873-1910
Ca Birth, Marriage, etc. Grant County 1831-1999
Ca Cassville Obituaries
Ca Grant County Surnames
Da Immigration & Passenger Lists Index
Da Local Cemeteries
Gm Local newspaper Obituaries, [approx.1984-present]
La Union and Confederate Armies
Da World War II Honor Roll - Lafayette County
Blt Bagley
Bln Blanchardville High School. See Yearbooks
Blt Bloomington High School. See Yearbooks
Blt, So Crawford County
Da Darlington High School. See Yearbooks
La Howitzer U.S. Military Academy, 1977. See Yearbooks
Ba, Bln Iowa County
La Lancaster High School. See Yearbooks
Li Livingston High School. See Yearbooks
Lr Lone Rock High School. See Miscellaneous
Fe One-room rural schools
So Soldier's Grove High School. See Yearbooks, Scrapbooks
La Southwest Tech., 1983, 1983-84. See Yearbooks
La UW-Platteville, 1933 . See Yearbooks,
Blt West Grant HS
Ba Barneveld tornado 1984
Blt Bloomington HS 1968-1995
Ca Cassville pictures/articles - Penny Eckstein
Ca Casville pictures/articles - Jack Buschbom
So Class of 1931, Soldier's Grove High School
Blt West Grant HS
Bln Blanchardville Historical Society
La Grant County Genealogical Society
Da Lafayette County Extension Homemakers
Da Lafayette County Historical Society
Pl Rundell-Biddick Picnic Association
So Solar Town
Ca Grant County
Fe Iowa County 1981
La Grant County Telephone Directory 1982, 1984-1987, 1993
La Lancaster Area Telephone Directory 1965, 1983-1991, 1993-1997, 1999, 2001, 2002
Bln Blanchardville 1990
Blt Civil War
So Community Conservation: Living in the Park [Dave Erickson]
Da Darlington on Parade, 1940
Blt Joe Greer
Da Lafayette County Extension Homemakers History, 1995
Da Mining in Southwest Wisconsin
Blt Pleasant Ridge Settlement
So River Town
Ca Streets of Cassville dates
So The Lure of the Crooked River [Emphasis Wisconsin]
Blt Civil War, Grant County. See Videos
Ca Our Boys, A Civil War Photograph Album
La Records of Union & Confederate Armies
La, Mu Wisconsin Volunteers, 1861-1865
Da WWII Honor Roll, Lafayette County, 1950
Bln Alumni Directory of BHS 1886-1995
Bln Blanchardville Echo 1950-1968
Bln Blanchardville Vikings 1975-present
Blt Bloomington Yearbooks 1946, 1951-1995
Blt Darlington HS Yearbooks
La Howitzer U.S. Military Academy 1977
Li Livingston HS Class Pictures 1912-1960
Da Livingston HS Yearbooks 1940, 1949-1952, 1954, 1956-1959 [War years-none]
Blt River Ridge Yearbooks 1996-present
Li Soldier's Grove High School 1939-1965
La Southwest Tec. Crossroads 1983
La Southwest Technical 1983-1984
La The Golden Arrow 1948, 1951, 1952, 1957-1964, 1966, 1969, 1970, 1973, 1974
So The Storm Center 1903, 1905, 1911, 1916, 1917, 1920, 1935
La UWP Pioneer 1933
Blt Yearbook negative notebooks 1973-1995
Blt West Grant HS 1960-1994 (incomplete)

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