Continuing Education Scholarships 2022-2023

SWLS is offering ongoing scholarships to support costs for a range of continuing education (CE) activities. Activities must take place between July 2022 and June 2023 and relate to library work. All SWLS library staff and trustees are welcome and encouraged to apply! To qualify, read the Guidelines for CE Scholarships and complete the SWLS CE Scholarship Application

Important Note: SWLS will need appropriate receipts, certificates of completion, or documentations of cost in order to reimburse you. Applicants must approve their request with the Library Director.

→Forms & Documents  

Ideas to Apply For  

  • Public Library Director Certification course at UW-iSchool, Chippewa Valley Technical College, and UW-Whitewater  
  • Course or workshop from Southwest Wisconsin Technical College or the American Library Association  
  • Staff Training (A speaker’s fee, their mileage, etc.) 
  • Conference Registration Fee for SWAL, WLA, WAPL, PLA, or ARSL 
  • A course or workshop not from a library organization! Examples: public speaking training to improve outreach efforts, Excel course to improve budgeting work, etc.
  • SWLS Library Tour Program 
  • Staff Time; Note: if a library’s inability to pay staff to attend library CE activities is a barrier to staff participation, as in the case of a library seeking to gather staff for in-service activities, then that staff time is an eligible cost for reimbursement
  • Partner with another SWLS library on a CE activity of your choice 

Process Break Down 

  1. Complete the application (Reminder: All requests must also be approved by the Library Director)
  2. Applicant will be notified by SWLS staff
  3. If application is approved, SWLS Library locally pays for CE activity and completes it 
  4. Applicant turns in all necessary forms and receipts 
  5. Library receives reimbursement from SWLS 

CE Scholarships are made possible in part by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services which administers the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA).


Questions? Contact Shauna Koszegi,

Last updated 8/25/22