Net Southwest & PLAC

Net Southwest Directors Council and PLAC Meetings for 2024

  • February 23  Agenda  Minutes
  • April 26
  • June 28
  • August 23
  • October 25
  • December 6

Description of Net Southwest Directors Council (NetSW)

  • The Net Southwest Directors Council is an advisory/decision-making body.
  • NetSW meets on the fourth Friday of even-numbered months and is charged with overseeing the shared ILS and approving the ILS budget.
  • Some members attend in person and some attend through conference call/web conferencing.
  • Net Southwest’s by-laws require representation by each member library at 4 meetings per year.
  • It is a decision-making body, with one representative for each library.
  • Decisions are made by consensus when possible, and, if not possible, by voting with one vote per seat.
  • Motions are passed by a simple majority.
  • System staff are not members of the body and do not vote.
  • System staff act as chair for this body, as well as scheduling the meetings, creating agendas, preparing informational packets for the meetings, provide logistics related to meeting space, and setting up necessary web meetings/conference calls.

Description of Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC)

Among other things, the Public Library Advisory Committee advises the system board about the status and needs of libraries in the system, serves as a conduit of information between the system board and individual libraries in the system, and makes recommendations to the system board relating to libraries in the system.